The Group considered that one of its principal strengths in the industry is its proven ability to adapt to customers’ ever changing technical specifications by introducing new products and upgrading its existing products swiftly. This strength is attributable to the Group’s emphasis on research and development and its dedicated team of research engineers. The Group’s engineering department was staffed with more than 150 engineers who are principally responsible for the design and development of the Group’s products and their production technology. In particular, they focus on the following areas:

  1. the development of new formulae for the production of ferrite cores;
  2. the design of moulds, metal parts and plastic parts;
  3. the improvement of assembling methods; and
  4. the setting of quality standards.

        Ferrite core is one of the most important components for the manufacture of coils as it will determine the functions and performance of coils such as their operating frequency, inductance value and temperature characteristics. The development of formulae used in the manufacture of ferrite cores is the focus of research of the Group’s engineers. Since the commencement of the Group’s vertical integration to produce ferrite cores in 1993, it has endeavoured to develop new formulae to produce ferrite cores in order to cope with the changing demand of its customers. The Group’s engineering department has its own laboratory to develop new formulae using different mixtures of metal oxides and employing different production methodologies. In addition, the Group’s engineers work closely with the sales and marketing staff and hold frequent meetings with, and arrange factory visits by, the Group’s customers to discuss their requirements and specifications of the end products. Since the Group commenced the manufacture of ferrite cores in 1993, it has developed more than 80 formulae for the production of ferrite cores and has been able to produce more than 600 models of coils. Since April 1998, the Group has been a member of {全國磁性元件與鐵氣體材料標準化技術委員會}(the Committee of Standardization of Magnetic and Ferric Material of the PRC) to keep in touch with the latest development in the industry.

        Another focus of research of the Group’s engineers is the design of moulds, metal parts and plastic parts. The innovation and continuous technological advancement in the design of electronic and electrical products have led to more stringent and sophisticated requirements being imposed on coils, such as miniaturisation of dimension, precision moulding and special material characteristics. In response to this, the Group’s engineering department has installed object-oriented and well-integrated software to assist in the design and modification of moulds, metal parts and plastic parts so as to improve the quality of the Group’s products.

        Nowadays, many multinational manufacturers of electronic products would invite their component suppliers to participate in the product design and development stage, and thereafter appoint these suppliers as authorised component suppliers for the successfully developed end products. In order to work closely with the research teams of these multinational manufacturers of electronic products, to pursue a higher level of technological advancement for the Group’s products and to explore more business opportunities, the Group established a research center together with its fully automated production facilities for miniaturised surface mount type of coils in Singapore in 1999. Currently, the research center in Singapore houses 4 engineers who keep abreast of new product development trend and develop new models of miniaturised surface mount type of coils, power transformers and line filters in order to fit in the complicated design and miniaturisation of end products.

        Over the years of operation, the Group has built up a strong customer base of over 1,500 customers located in various countries and regions. Many of the Group`s customers are multinational corporations and OEM or ODM manufacturers for renowned Japanese companies with their regional procurement offices located in Hong Kong. In order to provide more value-added and reliable customer services and explore more business opportunities, the Group has established offices in major cities in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Taipei, Shanghai, Xiamen, Dongguan, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangalore.

        Being a component supplier, the Group placed much emphasis on its products` quality, reliability and price competitiveness. The Group has a multiple of customer service teams and sales and marketing teams of high calibre staff responsible for sales support and sales coordination. The teams keep abreast of the market trend and learn the customers`product requirements by keeping regular contacts with customers, attending exhibitions, sales conferences and seminars. Owing to its highly vertically integrated production process, the sales and marketing teams have ample opportunities to work closely with the engineering department by providing up-to-date information on the market trends and customers` requirements to ensure that the Group`s products meet the changing market demands.