Environmental Policy

Coils Electronic Co., Ltd.
Environmental Policy

    Coils Electronic Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of electronic coils products and raw materials.

    We continuously strive to enhance the industry and community by making better coils products, and we understand clearly the close relationship between our development and the environment. We are well aware of the national policy in environmental protection and the strong demand of environmental friendly products from our valuable customers.

    In view of the above, we establish this Environmental Policy as the principles of our environmental protection.

    We will setup an environmental education platform by combining extensive trainings and various promotion activities. From now on, environmental assessment will take priority in the events of product research, manufacturing process re-engineering and plant development. The assessment will base on the environmental protection requirements of the legislation and our customers.

    We strive to use all resources in an effective and efficient way, to enhance our capability in sustainable development.

    We endeavor to protect the environment and encourage our business partners to join us.

    In compliance with applicable environmental regulations, and full considerations of other requirements, we devote ourselves in the following commitments:

  1. Comply with all the applicable legislative and regulatory environmental requirements and other requirements.
  2. Enhance the awareness of the environmental protection of our employees.
  3. Take effective actions to control the emission of the sewages, exhaust gases and noises.
  4. Continuously improve the management of chemicals.
  5. Properly dispose the wastes and promote recycling.
  6. Give priority to the environmental friendly materials and devices.
  7. Conserve energy and improve efficiency.
  8. Reduce the use of hazardous substances, and develop the environmental friendly products.

This Environmental Policy is published in the company and the general public.

Coils Lam
Managing Director
Coils Electronic Co., Ltd.
April 22, 2009